AI Futures

How can advancements in artificial intelligence provide opportunities for Indian media creators and entertainment platforms to leapfrog into a new era of authenticity, plurality and vibrancy of content for the next billion audiences?

AI Futures is a 2 day hands-on lab for ideation, sharing and scenario building for AI in future Indian media, entertainment and gaming. The co-creative lab will dig deep into how best to leverage AI’s ability to generate intelligent responses, inspire creativity and improve experiences. With a focus on Indian society, culture and economics, the lab hopes to re-imagine global technology platforms.

Using contemporary tools for future scenario building, AI Futures Lab will bring together a diverse group of practitioners to highlight compelling viewpoints on Indian media futures for AI. Invited researchers, developers, creators, digital artists, writers and academicians will share ideas and experiences at the intersection of media, entertainment, gaming and artificial intelligence. Workshop participants (with complementary skills and approaches) will have the opportunity to discuss issues in an informal setting for exchange of ideas. Teams will be organized according to participants’ core sectors to enable better development of social, cultural and physical contexts for entertainment-based AI.

The lab will explore exciting new applications for AI in the Indian entertainment industry. This is the first of a series of events on AI, starting for now with a discussion but with the intent to shift into prototyping and tangible explorations. Eventually the lab will grow into a larger transmedia project with merchandise, art work, a publication and installation/ showcase and will be followed up with a collider and accelerator lab.

The Greenhouse, Aldona

The future of technology deserves the serene contrast of a quiet village in North Goa and the anchor of a 200 year old home. The AI lab is scheduled for 16-17 November, 2018 at the Greenhouse - a collective of progressive studios working on the future.